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        Guangzhou advantage Ming Du Traders Ltd. is an auto parts import & Export Corp. is located in the economic, international trade is a leading international metropolis, Guangzhou, Guangdong. Our company is specialized in the application in cars, the CMB, light truck, heavy truck, engineering machinery and other applications in the field of braking system, clutch booster, suspension system, steering system, transmission system, rubber shock absorber system parts and the whole car fastening parts and tire bolts and other spare parts development, production and sales. At present, the company's products are exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and other countries and regions, is a professional auto parts export enterprises. Efforts to expand the global integration of auto parts market! Varieties involved in Europe, Japan and South Korea, the United States and other models, the company has implemented a first-class service commitment! To the customer with the best quality! The most advantageous price! The most perfect service! Is the target of the team to understand the strengths. In today's global economic integration, the advantages of the team and our global new and old customers to meet the challenges, adhere to the truth and pragmatic, open up a vast world of automotive parts and components of the international market!

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  • Control Arm:6R0 407 152

    6R0 407 152